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Having a background in experimental neurophysiology, I mainly work on the analysis of data produced in this field. This work can be split into three broad categories – with associated keywords linking the task to specific statistical methodologies :

  • Spike sorting – dimension-reduction, clustering, classification, Gaussian mixture models, EM algorithm, MCMC. All that is now explained in a short film on YouTube.
  • Spike train analysis – point process / counting process, conditional intensity estimation, nonparametric estimation, smoothing spline, goodness of fit tests, Donsker theorem.
  • Calcium imaging – Poisson regression, variance stabilization, parametric / nonparametric models, image segmentation.

In every project I try to implement what is now commonly called the reproducible research paradigm – that I prefer to call the reproducible data analysis paradigm. I am not a developer of the tools making the implementation of the paradigm possible but a daily user of them.


  • Within Paris-Descartes University I'm collaborating with:
    • Yves Rozenholc on the development of nonparametric methods for the analysis of fluorescence calcium measurements.
    • Avner Bar-Hen on the development of goodness of fit tests for counting process models.
  • In the rest of the World I'm collaborating with:

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My five latest publications:

  • Christophe Pouzat (2016) Analysis of Extracellular Recordings in Brain-Computer Interfaces 1: Methods and Perspectives, edited by Maureen Clerc, Laurent Bougrain and Fabien Lotte, iSTE/Wiley. The code generating the figure is available on GitHub.
  • Christophe Pouzat and Patricia Reynaud-Bouret (2016) Editorial for the special issue on Statistics and Neurosciences Journal de la Société Française de Statistique 157(1): 1-2. The pdf is available.
  • Christophe Pouzat, Andrew Davison and Konrad Hinsen (2015) La recherche reproductible : une communication scientifique explicite Statistique et Société (in French) 3(1): 35-38. The pdf and some additional marterial are available.
  • Christophe Pouzat and Georgios Is Detorakis (2014) SPySort: Neuronal Spike Sorting with Python Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Python in Science (EuroSciPy 2014) (web site), edited by Pierre de Buyl and Nelle Varoquaux, pp. 27–34 (arXiv:1412.6383). A "detailed" version hal-01111654v1 with all the codes is available, as well as its org-mode source file both on GitHub and on zenodo (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.15070).
  • Sébastien Joucla, Romain Franconville, Andreas Pippow, Peter Kloppenburg and Christophe Pouzat (2013) Estimating background-subtracted fluorescence transients in calcium imaging experiments: a quantitative approach Cell Calcium 54 (2): 71-85.


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The datasets used in my publications are available in HDF5 format from zenodo. You are welcome to do what you want with them–including publishing with them without having to "invite" me to sign your publication–just cite your source (the DOI are given bellow):


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